Knitted by H.A.N.D. stands for Helen and Ana D. Ana is one of my 2 sisters. The 3 of us, Ana-Maria, Lelia and I, grew up crafting clothes and furniture for our dolls. Our mom Bernice developed our creativity and nurtured our love for all things hand made. American Girls weren't born back when we were kids, but we definitely had the best-dressed Barbies on the block! Ana and I learned to knit in grade school. Ana's the speed demon -- her needles fly! I'm the artsy type -- give me a color wheel and some graph paper and I'm happier than a pig in poop.

KnittedByH.A.N.D. was conceived after a very silly trip to an American Girl store (we really, really wanted to buy our own dolls to play with) and another, more eye-opening trip to a local craft show where we saw market and opportunity.

Together, we design and knit funky little one-of-a-kind sweaters for American Girl dolls. Our sweaters are developed with fingering weight Peruvian wool and tiny knitting needles so that they are properly scaled, with the details and quality you would expect in a sweater you'd wear yourself. To us, it is more important to take more time to make a sweater in soft, durable wool with tiny needles, snaps and buttons than to make something that's quick with bigger needles and lower quality yarn. We hope to see our sweaters handed down to future generations of american girls.

We opened our shop on with a collection of classic cardis and continue to design and create new sweaters.
My home studio in Ashland, Massachusetts.